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A Prairie Rendezvous is a quarterly publication of Grand Prairie Friends for the restoration community of East Central Illinois. Article submissions should be sent electronically to the editor at newsletter [at] grandprairiefriends [dot] org or by mail to P.O. Box 36, Urbana, IL 61803-0036. Member submissions are gladly welcomed. Submission deadlines are:

  • Winter Issue:  November 1
  • Spring Issue:  February 1
  • Summer Issue:  May 1
  • Fall Issue:  August 1

Editor: Melanie Grove
Assistant Editor: Jamie Ellis
Editor Emeritus: Jim Fay

Below are all the back issues of A Prairie Rendezvous, in PDF format. To read these, you need to install a PDF reader such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat.


  • Spring 2016
    GPF Protects More Land in Coles County
    Rattlesnake Master Success
    President's Report
    Poetry, Prose & Pics
    May 7 Plant Sale
  • Summer 2016
    Native Plant Sale
    GPF Welcomes Seasonal Land Steward: Jeffrey Peyton
    New Board Director: Valerie Sivicek
    Stewardship Committee
    President's Report
  • Fall 2016
    Burnett Reserve Dedication
    Stewardship Report
    Grant Match
    Fire on the Prairie
    President's Report
    Campus Native Plantings
    Turkey Vulture Love


  • Spring 2015
    Nachusa Grasslands Nature Preserve and buffalo
    Douglas County Area
    Monarch Raising in Tuscola
    Scaggs Woods Fundraising
    Prairie Plant Seeds
  • Fall 2015
    Spring Plant Sale
    Campus Native Plant Projects
    Land Acquisition Success
    Fall Events
    2015 Interns Report
    Bi-County Prairie Garden Update
  • Winter 2015
    Remembering Ansel Anderson
    Fall Fete
    President's Report
    CU Native Plant Map
    New GPF Directors & Treasurer


  • Spring 2014
    Pollinator Friendly Plants
    Callery Pear Tree Invasive Species
    Choosing Prairie Plants
  • Summer 2014
    GPF Native Plant Sale
    Florida Orchard Prairie Progress
    Warbler Woods Nature Preserve
    Invasive Species Awareness Month
    GPF 2014 Summer Interns
  • Fall 2014
    GPF to Receive Embarras Ridges Stewardship Grant Funds
    GPF Fall Events
    Interns Final Reports
    Prairie Degradation Concerns
  • Winter 2014
    Stewardship Grant at Embarras Ridges
    Wild Ones
    Land Conservation Opportunity
    Embarras Ridges Fall Fete


  • Spring 2013
    Stewards' Gathering
    Following the Path of the Bison
    Nature Photography
    Archaeology along the Middle Fork
  • Summer 2013
    Annual Native Plant Sale
    Invasive Control Efforts
    Autumn Berry Land Restoration
    Summer Interns 2013
  • Fall 2013
    The Illinois Nature Preserves Commission
    Member Donates Truck
    Summer Interns' Reports
    Invasive Plant Task Force Publication
  • Winter 2013
    Backyard Wildlife Habitat
    Rattlesnake Master Run
    Busey Bank Sustainability Efforts
    Urban Yard Tree Selection
    Clinton Landfill



  • Fall 2011
    A Friend's Passing
    13th Annual RS Master Run
    Book Reviews
  • Spring 2011
    Loda Burn
    Native Plant Sale
    LodaStewardship Update
  • Summer 2011
    Plant Sale Wrap-up
    Coles County Conservation
    GPF Summer Interns
  • Winter 2011
    GPF Buys Land in Coles County
    U of I Campus Plantings
    14th Annual RS Master Run
    Book Reviews


  • Fall 2010
    Prairie Cicadas Recolonize
    New Board Members
    GPF Intern Reports
  • Summer 2010
    Annual Plant Sale
    The Net That Caught the Prairie
    GPF Prescribed Burns
    GPF Summer Interns
  • Spring 2010
    Planting Loda Prairie
    GPF Strategic Plan
    Stewards' Luncheon
    Native Plant Sale News
  • Winter 2010
    2009 Rattlesnake Master Run Report
    On the Trail of Prairie Seeds
    Native Plant Sale News
    The Prairie Chef


  • Fall 2009
  • Summer 2009
    Crowds Clamor For Native Plants
    Introducing The 2009 Summer Interns
    Carle Park Planting
    Show Pride For Your Native Plant Garden
  • Spring 2009
    Land Trust Accreditation: Moving Forward
    Prairie Expansion Begins
    Book Review: Bringing Nature Home
    Book Review: Take A Hike!
  • Winter 2009
    GPF Stewards Earn National Recognition
    Prairies to Watch
    What's Happening to the Bats in the Northeast
    11th Annual Rattlesnake Master Race


  • Fall 2008
    New Grand Prairie Friends Board Members
    Vital Lands Illinois Summit
    On the Path to Land Trust Accreditation
    Intern Reports
    Joliet Training Area and Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
  • Summer 2008
    Spectacular 2008 Plant Sale
    Rain Gardens
    Here Kitty, Kitty: Cougars in Illinois
    Update: Loda Addition
    GPF Summer Interns
    Review: Herbaceous Perennial Plants
  • Spring 2008
    The Need For Seed: Loda Cemetery Seed Collection
    Illinois Natural Areas Inventory Update
    Cemetery Prairies: Preserving Cultural And Natural Areas' Values
    Red Fox Or Gray Fox?
  • Winter 2008
    Loda Cemetery Prairie Land Purchase Success
    Site Update: Prospect Cemetery Prairie Nature Preserve
    Urbana Park District Referendum Question On Feb. 5 Ballot
    10th Annual Rattlesnake Master Race
  • 2007

  • Fall 2007
    A Little Prairie to Get Bigger: Loda Cemetary Prairie Expansion
    Cradle of Agriculture
    Parsnip Burns to Remember
    The Remaking of Buffalo Trace
    GPF Intern Report
  • Summer 2007
    Native Plant Sale Recap
    Prairie Cicadas
    Membership Chooses Group Name
    Summer Intern Introduction
    Loda Prairie Expansion
    Big Brown Bat
  • Spring 2007
    Jean Nance Remembered
    Site Spotlight: Jasmine Hollow
    Annual Plant Sale May 12
    2007 Summer Internship
  • Winter 2007
    Draft Mission Statement
    Ems Tract Update
    Franklin's Ground Squirrel
    2006 Summer Interns


  • Fall 2006
    Volunteer Picnic
    Board Retreat
    Rattlesnake Master Run Coming
    Rain Garden
    Water Hyacinth And The Law
  • Summer 2006
    Summer Intern Intro
    Native Plant Sale Recap
    Prairie Chef
  • Spring 2006
    Rattlesnake Master Run 2005
    St. Joseph Wetland Project
    Introducing? Master Naturalists!
    Sites in Need of a Steward: Middle Fork Bluffs and Paxton Railroad Prairie
  • Winter 2006
    Meet the New GPF-PGV Board Members
    Funding Opportunity for Prairie Research
    Steward Spotlight: Paul Tessene
    Statewide Roadside Prairie Inventory


  • Fall 2005
    GPF-PGV Internship Report
    Floristic Inventory at Bonnie?s Prairie Nature Preserve
    Rattlesnake Master Run
    Steward Spotlight: Grant Cunningham
    The Prairie Chef
  • Summer 2005
    10th Annual Stewards? Luncheon
    Meet Our Summer Intern
    Site Spotlight: Update on Buffalo Trace
    Habitat Enhancement Day
    Steward Spotlight: William (Bill) Handel
    GPF-PGV Plant Sale
  • Spring 2005
    Annual Meeting
    Intern Update
    Prairie Chef Recipe
    Research Corner
    Site Spotlight
    Steward Spotlight
  • Winter 2005
    Annual Meeting Recap
    Champaign County RPO
    Summer Interns 2004
    Bonnie's Prairie NP
    Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center
    New Stewards at Loda Cemetery NP


  • Fall 2004
    GPF Celebrates 20 Years
    Steward's Tool Shed
    Landscaping with Native Plants Book Review
    Steward Spotlight: Dan Busemeyer
    Fairchild Cemetery Prairie
  • Summer 2004
    Plant Sale Recap
    James Nance Woods
    Landscaping with Native Plants Book
    Steward Spotlight: Paul Marcum
    Prairie Mammal Survey
  • Spring 2004
    GPF and PGV Merger
    Celebrating Volunter Stewardship
    Stewards Spotlight: Jim Hoyt
    Plant Insect Interactions in Prairie
    Champaign County Environmental Politics 2004


  • Fall 2002
    Using a Plant's Lifecycle Against Itself
    Intern Report
    GPF Summer Intern Update
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Summer 2002
    A Site Monitor's Story
    Avoiding Ivy's Itch
    The BigEagle-Jones Ranch Site
    Twin City Garden Club Hosts Flower Show
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Spring 2002
    Controlled Burning as a Management Tool
    You Want to Learn to Live with It?
    Rudbeckia Triloba
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Winter 2002
    New GPF Board Members, Officers Elected
    GPF Board of Directors Adopts Burn Policy
    GPF to Present Readers' Theater Performance
    Butterflies Featured at GPF Annual Meeting
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News


  • Spring 2001
    Issues Between Managers and Researchers
    Lobbying and Not-for-Profit Groups
    The Humane Prairie
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Winter 2001
    Bush, Gore, or Us?
    New Directions for TNC-Volunteer Stewards Network
    New GPF Board Members & Officers
    Interaction and Outreach
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News


  • Fall 2000
    Allerton Park Open Space Opportunity
    Lake of the Woods - Dowell Tract
    Member Survey Results
    Summer Internship Roundup
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Summer 2000
    An Introduction to Ants of the Tallgrass Prairie
    A "Fare Thee Well" Message
    Thank You Volunteers!
    GPF Summer Interns
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Spring 2000
    Growing Native Dye Plants in the Garden
    The Prairie Quilt Project
    TNC Workshop at the Vermilion River Observatory
    Prairie Grove Volunteers Hosts 5th Stewards' Lunch
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Winter 2000
    Conservation Easements: A Flexible Tool for Land Conservation
    Green Space and Local Government
    New PGV and GPF Personalities
    A Summer's Reward
    A Successful Prairie Conference
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News


  • Fall 1999
    Fifth Central Illinois Prairie Conference
    Conference Schedule of Events
    Writing the Land - Part 2
    Particles and Prairies
    GPF and PGV News
  • Summer 1999
    Writing the Land - Part 1
    A Farmer's Commitment
    A Student's Perspective
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News
  • Winter 1999
    The Net that Caught the Prairie
    Ever Looking Forward
    Prairie Chicken Holds On
    Alien Insects Invading Illinois
    Volunteer Workday Calendar
    GPF and PGV News