Grand Prairie Friends Fall Fête 2017 - Saturday, October 14

Explore the Warbler Ridge Areas of Embarras Ridge Land & Water Reserve and Warbler Woods North, Charleston, IL. Numbered locations may be found on the map at the bottom of this page.

map location 1ribbon cutting icon1:30 pm - Warbler Woods North Trail Opening

Celebrate the opening of the Warbler Ridge trail as we hear from special guests and cheer on those that have made this special place accessible to the community.

2:00 - Warbler Woods North Trail Guided Hikes
Start at map location 1, hike to map location 2, option to proceed to map location 3.

Join knowledgeable interpretive guides, botanists, biologists and land stewards as we hike the approximate 2 miles down (Mild-Moderate) to the trail mid-point at Warbler Bottoms. Upon arrival, guests will take a refreshment break, enjoy a presentation and be given the opportunity to hike the second portion of the trail, or return via vehicle transport.

map location 22:45 pm - Warbler Bottoms Wetland Restoration and Pollinator Plantings Expo

Interpretive Guided hikes will escort groups down to the Warbler Bottom for a refreshment rest stop. Guests can also drive vehicles to this event.

Lily pad iconRelax with sweets and lemonade, while visiting the newly created shallow water wetland area with Natural Resources Conservation Service presenters, Andy Branton and Sam Chavez. Learn how this Coles county team assisted Grand Prairie Friends in restoring this habitat for Warbler Ridges’ amphibian and bird-life along the Embarras River. Vehicle transport will be available for those guests that wish to be driven back to the Warbler North trailhead or guests can continue hiking the second portion of the trail (approx. 2 miles) to the Embarras Ridges property.

map location 32:30-4:30 pm - Embarras Ridges Live Music; The Young and the Fretless Band

Stop for a while and enjoy the sounds of “The Young and the Fretless” Band, known for their “old-time mountain music on the prairie” while visiting with familiar Grand Prairie Friends, and meeting new ones. Bring a lawn chair for your favorite seat!

photo of Young and the Fretless Band

map location 34:00 pm - Meal Provided by Grand Praries Friends

Enjoy Bar-B-Que, wraps and local sides from Smokey’s Bar-B-Que in Charleston, compliments of Grand Prairie Friends.

Map of location in Warbler Ridge for the 2017 Fete