Welcome to Grand Prairie Friends!

Grand Prairie Friends is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit, conservation organization and land trust composed of people from many walks of life who share a commitment to preserve and restore tallgrass prairie and woodlands in east-central Illinois.

Our mission is to preserve and restore natural communities in east-central Illinois and to promote an understanding and appreciation of natural resources. We do this by acquiring and managing prairie and woodland remnants, conducting prescribed burns, propagating and planting indigenous prairie and woodland plant species in reconstructions, and generating interest in prairies and woodlands through a variety of educational programs.

We welcome anyone interested in joining us!

What Can I Find On This Site?

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About GPF - Information about Grand Prairie Friends, its history, and people who lead the organization.

Getting Involved - How to become a volunteer.

Events - A list of our upcoming events and links to the Grand Prairie Friends publication, A Prairie Rendezvous.

Stewardship - A list of places that Grand Prairie Friends manages and protects and information about being a natural area steward.

Resources - Information about prairies throughout the Midwestern and North America. There's also a brief history of prairie remnants in east central Illinois. And if you want to introduce native prairie plants into your home landscape, you can find information about that as well.

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