How can you help to preserve Illinois' tallgrass prairie heritage? By joining GPF you will be supporting efforts to protect and restore tallgrass prairie in East-Central Illinois. You will have the opportunity to meet other members and volunteers who are working to ensure that Illinois' prairies will be enjoyed for generations to come.

As a member, you will be joining over 120 other members who are passionate about prairie preservation. You will receive the GPF quarterly newsletter, A Prairie Rendezvous, which is filled with articles on prairie resources, a calendar of upcoming events, lectures, and work days, and announcements of legislation and other political developments that affect prairie preservation efforts.

Our membership levels include:

  • $20 - Student/Low Income
  • $35 - Basic Membership
  • $50
  • $100
  • $250 - Prairie Patron
  • $300 - Corporate
  • $1000 - Lifetime

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