Fairchild Cemetery Savanna Nature Preserve

County: Vermilion
Ownership: Grand Prairie Friends
Dedication: June 1986
Size: 1.4 Acres
Steward: Bill Handel

This small cemetery is one of the few remaining savanna remnants left in Illinois. For many years, this site was protected and managed by the Vermilion County Audubon Society. The management program for this preserve includes prescribed burning and brush control. For the last several years prescribed burns have been conducted here with encouraging results.

Some of the predominant plants of this savanna are big bluestem, Indian grass, New Jersey tea, showy goldenrod, drooping coneflower, and prairie rose. Over 35 other herbaceous species of prairie plants are known to occur at this site.

How to get there: From Champaign-Urbana take I-74 east to exit 210. Merge onto US 150 and take this to the first stoplight and drive north on Henning Rd to CR 2300N. Turn left, drive 2300N west to 1140E (Indian Springs Road). This road then curves to take you right by Fairchild Cemetery. Directions from Danville with map.

Please note: This is an Illinois State Nature Preserve, and use is limited to walking, birding, and photography. Camping, picnicking, littering, pets, and vehicles are not allowed inside the preserve. All plants, animals, birds, and insects are protected, so do not disturb or remove any natural objects including rocks, plants, seeds, or insects.

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