Warbler Bottoms

County: Coles

Ownership: Grand Prairie Friends

Dedication: 2015-2018

Size: 443 Acres

Purchased: 2015-2018

Steward: David Mott and Embarras Volunteer Stewards

Warbler Bottoms offers a dichotomy of ecological resources for the Warbler Ridge complex. As it meanders alongside the Embarras River, it serves the traditional role as floodplain. True to form, this low- lying region typically floods and is currently being restored as a shallow wetland complete with water-loving herbaceous plants and floodplain forest companion trees to support amphibian and bird species.

Further to the north, portions of Warbler Bottoms are still engaged in active agriculture production in conjunction with the USDA Conservation Reserve Program. These parcels serve multiple ecological goals for GPF including pollinator planting support and ground stabilization among the steep ridges.

This $711, 866 conservation effort was made possible through a combined funding effort from Illinois Clean Energy Foundation, The Conservation Fund, The Lumpkin Family Foundation and Grand Prairie Friends. These lands are also being conserved, in part, by funding and technical assistance made available as mitigation for impacts caused by the construction and maintenance of the Enbridge Pipelines, LLC, Flanagan South Pipeline in partnership with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Best Access to Warbler Bottoms: The wetland region of Warbler Bottoms can be found at the mid-point of the Warbler Ridge Trail System. To access the trail, from the intersection of Route 16 (Lincoln Avenue) and IL 130 in Charleston, drive south on IL 130 about 3 miles to Bypass Road. Turn right (west) onto Bypass Road (across from Lake Charleston). Drive about a half mile to where the road curves back to the east. A small parking area and Warbler Woods North trailhead kiosk can be found on the right (south).

Warbler Bottoms - Embarras River

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