Warbler Woods North Land and Water Reserve

County: Coles

Ownership: Grand Prairie Friends

Purchased: May 2015

Registration: 2018

Size: 92 Acres

Steward: David Mott and Embarras Volunteer Stewards

North Warbler woods is located about 3.5 miles south of Charleston.  It is composed of ridges, slopes, and ravines cloaked with mesic upland forest, dry-mesic upland forest and woodland that harbors a diverse assemblage of native plants including many wildflowers and grasses typically found in high-quality forest and woods.  North Warbler Woods lies adjacent to the north boundary of the 202-acre Warbler Woods Nature Preserve (NP), which is contiguous with the 141-acre Embarras Ridges Land and Water Reserve (LWR). The three sites taken together contain approximately 431 acres of forest and forest restoration. Over 100 different types of plants have been identified in the oak and hickory forest at Embarras Ridges. A one-day bird survey at North Warbler Woods recorded 17 bird species including 3 species in greatest need of conservation as identified in Illinois Wildlife Action Plan (Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Acadian Flycatcher and Wood Thrush) and 9 species that are either moderately or highly sensitive to forest fragmentation.  IDNR biologist, Roger Jansen, with wood frogAt least 57 species of birds inhabit the adjacent Warbler Woods NP during the breeding season, including 11 bird species in greatest need of conservation, and it is likely that many of these birds also occur in North Warbler Woods.  Finally, the Wood Frog is a species in greatest need of conservation that makes its home across all three properties.

How to get there: From the intersection of Route 16 (Lincoln Avenue) and IL 130 in Charleston, drive south on IL 130 about 3 miles to Bypass Road. Turn right (west) onto Bypass Road (across from Lake Charleston). Drive about a half mile to where the road curves back to the east. The preserve is to the right (south). Park along the road. A small parking area and kiosk can be found on the right (south).

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